Alexa Dellanos: She Teaches Everything From a Hotel and Her Fans Think They See Kim Kardashian

The famous young woman caused quite a lot of controversy after showing her great curves from a hotel room, many believed they saw Kim Kardashian

The beautiful model, Alexa Dellanos, unleashed the controversy on social networks with an audacious photograph in which she showed everything from a hotel room where she was, preparing for her new photo production.

The pretty girl caused even more controversy thanks to her curvy figure making you think they were seeing Kim Kardashian, or at least that’s what most users thought.

Others were dedicated to criticizing the show business, saying that Alexa can look like Kim Kardashian, Laura Bozzo’s daughter and many other “influencers” or celebrities who handle the same style of figures, since all of them have given each other a little help. with the b1sturi.


Others more attacked Alexa hard and had no mercy, wondering what she had to do to get so much attention and making conclusions in the air, also ensuring that they do not see any talent and that her beauty is too false to be where you are.

That’s right, they went with everything about her and it is not the first time, it has been a few weeks since users are very strong against her, accusing her of being plastic and countless other adjectives that we cannot mention here.

It should be remembered that just yesterday with his boyfriend he caused a great sensation on social networks because he appeared in a photograph where they look very good and caused a great sensation, his thousands of fans would like to be him, at least for a day.

Many did not know it but Alexa and Alec make a very good couple, which has caused the two to have great growth in their social networks and their work to be much more productive, thanks to the great attention that Alexa has, the two of them give each other to recognize pretty fast.

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