Kylie Jenner raises the rear for a very flirty photoshoot

The businesswoman looked very elegant and sexy, a p3l1grosa combination.

The beautiful Kylie Jenner spoiled her followers with some photographs where she mixes elegance with the daring, as she raised her rear to make her stand out.

Kim Kardashian’s sister prepared herself with an elegant long black dress for the session, but to bring out her flirtatious side, the garment was very fitted to her body and in all the poses she raised her attributes, becoming the protagonists of the image.

There were five images with which Kylie spoiled Internet users with her tremendous curves and a long braid as a look, making her look more sophisticated.

The publication made three days ago on Jenner’s Instagram account has exceeded eight million likes and has captivated all her followers.

Recently the businesswoman delighted everyone with an impactful orange bikini, the little garment could hide nothing from her beautiful silhouette.

But her enormous beauty is not overshadowed or by scandals, since recently Forbes claimed that Kylie was lying and was not as rich as she claimed.

Jenner was listed as one of the youngest millionaires themselves, but Forbes claims that Kylie and her mother lied about the Kylie Cosmetics figures.

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