Prince Charles was shocked when the employee passed out in front of him

Prince Charles was in Bristol on a visit, thanking his workers when one of the employees while chatting with him passed out leaving him in shock

Prince Charles and his wife Camila Parker were visiting the Asda Distribution Center, when talking to one of the employees, he suddenly fainted, leaving the sovereign in shock.

The couple was in Bristol with the aim of thanking the employees for the support they had provided with the COVID-19 situation.

His employees received their congratulations and thanks for having risked their lives despite the pandemic, as long as the food chain was not cut in their own land, it was a very nice gesture to want to thank in a personal way.

It could be seen that none of those present wore a mask that covered them, a sign that they already have everything under control, at least where they were.

While Prince Charles was chatting with one of the employees, he suddenly began to stagger a bit and fall on his back in a faint.


Fortunately, when the boy lost his grip, he managed to put his arms in a little to fall with them, if he had not done so, he would have hit the back of the neck with the asphalt that was nearby.

All those present at that time were quite surprised including the Duke of Cornwall, immediate companions and people present came to help him, the Prince standing in shock stood for a moment waiting for the young man to feel better.

Later, upon discovering a plaque in the company of his wife to remember the day of his visit, William and Harry’s father requested to meet with the young man to make sure that he was well so that they could leave the place without worry.

The entire royal family took precautions throughout the entire pandemic in England and although perhaps a few lives were lost, everything possible was done to take care of the community.

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