The beautiful daughter of Mirka Dellanos shared her gifts with music and her enormous beauty at a fun party with friends.

She became the life of the party! The beautiful Alexa Dellanos stole the party completely by becoming a daring DJ and everything was exposed to social networks.

The beautiful influencer was caught while having fun with friends and showing her best gifts with music, the video was shared on her Instagram stories.

Dellanos is seen in the recording with a tremendous clear bikini that left all her charms in full view of everyone, ready to let her imagination run wild.

But not only the beauty of Alexa can be seen at that moment, but also that of her friends, who are also possessors of huge curves.

Everyone was having fun and dancing while Mirka’s daughter played; the moment could not go unnoticed and they im0rt @ lized it on social networks.

Not long ago the beautiful Alexa Dellanos had expressed how much she missed her usual life in the face of the current COVID contingency.

Beyond what she missed, Dellanos also showed concern for her mother, Mirka, who at no time stopped going to the forums of her television station to inform viewers. 


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