Alexa Dellanos shows her small waist and abdomen turning on Instagram users

The beautiful young woman melted her fans with a new photo in a bikini, showing a small waist and an enviable abdomen.

The beautiful young woman is very excited to be able to return to normal a bit, so she was trying poses for her next visit to the beach, wearing one of her new bikinis and completely uncovering.



In recent days we could see that Alexa returned to her Instagram and has published several snapshots, this in particular was placed in her stories, where she brings her fans a little closer to her personal life.


We could not avoid the opportunity to rescue the image, because it is quite good and reflects a lot the joy of the young influencer, who has had to deal with thousands and criticisms in recent weeks, as some users decided to accuse it of being false.


Her pink bikini and her blue-colored sarong highlighted her great figure, her loyal followers are more than pending to protect her from any criticism, as the accusations pointed out that she has too many surgeries.

It is the first time that he has left his home in months, this quarantine was not easy for him since he worried enough that he preferred not to leave his home at any time, to avoid any possibility.

The terrible virus that plagues the world had her super worried, thanks to the fact that her mother is a very responsible driver and never stopped going to the studio to record, so she entered a state of constant worry and this caused her to move away a bit. of their social networks.

Those who know Mirka Dellanos are sure to be safer and happier because she and Myrka are so beautiful that they look like sisters when they are together and that everything has gone well makes us very happy.

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