Demi Rose: In a bikini, Rosita looks like a barbie in real life, thinner than ever

Demi Rose slimmer than ever looks like a barbie in this bikini photo that her fans rejoiced with on social media.

The famous British model, Demi Rose, appeared in a photo shared on social networks where she looks very slim, beautiful, and with black hair, which made her fans see her as a brunette barbie in real life.

Rose’s loyal followers know that this snapshot is from a few years ago, however, they are happy to see how her beauty has progressed little by little, based on exercise and a lot of dedication.


The image was shared in an account dedicated to beautiful women on Twitter, one that considers Demi Rose as one of the best on the Internet, as well as many other Latin Americans who have her as the most precious.

In this case, we can see the British woman with black hair, a very liked look, as it highlights her beautiful white skin and emphasizes the beauty of her face, framing her and making her look very good.


It should be remembered that Demi is back on her endless vacation and announces it every chance she can in her stories, although it seems that this last time it was a quick trip since she already uploaded photos from her home.

She has a puppy and a kitten that is happily waiting for her at home, she also boasts them in her stories, a place where you can find much more of her life, something that fans appreciate.


Some of her loyal fans continue to worry about her, they have realized that the young woman does not wear a mask anywhere, something that is practically necessary at the moment due to the serious situation that the world is going through, but she does not seem to worry because she has been in contact with various friends and has never been shown with this accessory.

Let’s hope that Demi Rose continues to upload new content and that she finally releases the photos she worked on in her photo studio, as well as that she remains in good health to continue to indulge Internet users with her daring content.

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