Apparently for many Prince Harry, has made the worst decisions and even some of his friends have criticized him very harshly.

Prince Harry left many things I loved about his life behind to follow the footsteps of his wife Meghan Markle, which has also earned him many critical, particularly from some of his friends

Apparently, for many of his closest friends, Harry has not made the best decisions as indicated by the news circulating from the United Kingdom, by resigning the crown, he also did one of the things he enjoyed the most, being an ally of the army British.

So for many of his companions, who are aware that what this meant for the royal, his resignation was the biggest foolish thing he could have committed and even some rumors indicate that some of his old friends point out that the prince “He has become a complete idiot.”

Coult was a friend and ally of the British army, who apparently has not hesitated to express what he thinks of Queen Elizabeth’s grandson after he revealed on several occasions that what he misses most about his old life are his military activities.

Two years ago Coult and Harry worked side by side in a campaign to stop war veterans from taking their own lives.

However, after his departure from the royal house, one of the things that the royal regrets most is abandoning his activities in the army, in addition to the camaraderie, he shared with his military friends.

Now Sergeant Trevor Coult seems to glimpse a new blow to that nostalgia with harsh criticism of the prince, who in his opinion allegedly pointed out that the royal “is sinking more and more”.

Likewise, he would also have pointed out that “he himself is already sinking his own family, he asks that they leave him alone but he holds meetings in Zoom all the time, he cannot have both, so now he described it as what it is today: someone who only seeks to attract attention and every time he speaks loses support in a massive way, “as Coult’s alleged words reveal.

It is worth mentioning that 44-year-old Sergeant Coult is recognized and decorated as a hero for attacking three terrorists in an ambush on his patrol in Iraq in 2005.

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Coult remembers with some resentment the now broken promise of the Duke, to “always fight for the veterans”:

Harry promised to spend the rest of his lives supporting us, but at the first sign he turned his back on us ”, declared the pained military hero.

Likewise, Coult would have criticized the prince’s move, who the sergeant allegedly points out “has lost his way since he moved to the United States with Meghan,” and the latest comments would have upset the sensitivity of many.

Every time he speaks up and insults the queen, the royal family or the Commonwealth, the support slowly fades. It’s sad because he did a good job, ”Coult said.


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