King Felipe and Queen Letizia attend a ceremony honoring victims of the virus

A state ceremony, in which Spanish royalty was present, was held this Thursday in Spain to remember the victims, as well as the workers who risked their lives during the height of the pandemic.

A state ceremony was held this Thursday in Spain to honor the victims of the virus as well as the workers who risked their lives to face Covid-19 during the days of its heyday.

This ceremony was attended by the Spanish royalty, King Felipe, Queen Letizia, and Infanta Sofía were present at the solemn reception.

Likewise, the relatives of around 100 victims who lost their lives due to this deadly virus, as well as police and other essential workers participated in the act together with King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia.


It is worth mentioning that Spain was one of the countries hardest hit by this condition that claimed several lives, particularly those of the elderly.

Government authorities and officials of the European Union and the World Health Organization also participated in this tribute,  who gathered on an esplanade of the Royal Palace in the country’s capital.

In this meeting, the sanitary measures were present, the vast majority of the guests were several who wore the mask and kept the safety distance around an eternal flame, where a dozen religious organizations and ambassadors were also present.

The event was broadcast on television and the Internet, where some speeches were appreciated, such as that of Hernando Calleja, who said he shared the pain over the loss of his brother, José María, a well-known journalist and writer in Madrid, with the families of others. “Anonymous dead.”

Let’s not forget that COVID-19 was and continues to be a cold, cruel and destructive executor, ”recalled Calleja.

It also had the testimony of a nurse from the Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona, Aroa López, who intervened on behalf of the hospital, health center, and laboratory workers, of which at least 52,600 were diagnosed with the virus.

speech in which he remembered the truck drivers, cleaners, and the thousands and thousands of people who “took care of millions of Spaniards when they were confined”.

He made a request to politicians in favor of the entire health system, to provide greater protection, this after recalling that some of the workers made video calls to their dying patients or held the hand of those who did not want to leave alone.

Who will take care of us if the person who takes care of us cannot? Let’s never forget the lesson learned, ”he said.

On the other hand, a group of live string music accompanied the attendees who placed white roses around the great flame.

At one point, King Felipe VI intervened and highlighted the citizen response but requested a responsible commitment from the public in the fight against the virus.

We have the moral obligation to always recognize and respect the dignity of the deceased and the civic duty to promote the best values ​​that underpin our society, ”he said.

The Spanish country officially registered  28,413 victims who lost their lives after testing positive for the Covid-19 virus, although they suggest that the real figure may be much higher, even Spain is dealing with dozens of new outbreaks after last month there were hardly any come out of strict quarantine.

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