Undoubtedly, within royalty, there have been countless bridal links but some of them were synonymous with a great event 

Within a myriad of weddings that have existed throughout history in royalty, some of them continue to set a great reference and are remembered despite the passage of time.

All royal weddings have their own story to tell, many faces that parade among the guests, the glam with which each one stands out, but nothing wins prominence to the brides, who wearing iconic dresses shine with the emotion of the great moment.

Queen Elizabeth II of England at her wedding to the Duke Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey in 1947.

One of the great icons of cinema,  Grace Kelly on her wedding day in Monaco in 1956, with Prince Rainier, still remains one of the most remembered links.

 Princess Margaret the sister of Queen Elizabeth II of England and Antony Armstrong-Jones married in 1960.

Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos, at their wedding in Athens (Greece) in 1962, together with the queen’s bridesmaids.

The wedding of the century was undoubtedly that of Diana of Wales and Prince Charles on their wedding day at Westminster Abbey in 1981.

One of the queens who attracts attention for her bright personality is Rania of Jordan, pictured from  1993, at her wedding to King Abdullah of Jordan.

The then Princes of Asturias, Letizia Ortiz, and Felipe de Borbón, sealed their love with their wedding, which was quite an event in 2004.


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