Beatrice of York and the reason why Queen Elizabeth changed her original name

The granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Beatrice of York would not be called that at first and it was through the intervention of her grandmother, the monarch, who chose her new name.

Few know that Beatrice of York, one of Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughters, had her name changed by order of the queen.

Beatriz, is the first-born of the marriage formed by  Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew and originally it would not be called as it is known today, however, after the intervention of the monarch, this was modified.

The reason arose after Queen Elizabeth and Beatriz’s parents reached a negotiation, as revealed by some extra data from the royalty.

Derived from two weeks of agreements between the monarch and the minor’s parents, at that time, Annabel’s name was changed to Beatriz Elizabeth Mary, and it was a decision by the queen, who considered that the first name it was inelegant for a member of the monarchy.

As is well known, the power that Queen Elizabeth exercises over royals is indisputable, and although they point out, on some occasions she does not put into practice several of the attributions that her position allows her, this time she did.

The announcement lasted approximately two weeks, the name, the official title of their daughter, and during those days they were remembering with Isabel II what the official name would be. Today also is known as the Princess of York. Her middle name would be in honor of her grandmother and great-grandmother.

Beatriz Elizabeth Mary is the first daughter of  Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, the third son of Queen Elizabeth II, she was the first princess born in Windsor, after her aunt, Princess Anne.

She was born in 1988, is the focus of attention since she only lived in her mother’s womb, since her pregnancy made her gain so much weight that it led to eating disorders for several years.

The scandals in his life would grow like a big snowball triggering the divorce of Sarah and Andrés in 1996, after according to rumors, during a vacation, little Beatriz and Eugenia watched from the pool, as the financial advisor of their mother kissed his feet.

The little girls were left in the care of their father, Prince Andrew, and only lived with their mother on specific dates. The absence of her mother resulted in Beatriz underperforming after being diagnosed with Dyslexia.

This, together with her constant changes in weight, led her to be a victim of bullying, which is why it has been the central theme in some of her current conferences.

The first lesson is to never give up, regardless of the obstacles, the second, to find that flame in you that makes you shine and feel capable of changing the world, and the third, you don’t have to face anything alone, ask for help “

Likewise, her position as Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, apparently, has exposed her to the public eye and to the scrutiny of the press, which has led her through some difficult moments of instability, as described by meganoticias.com, but she also maintains her joy and This has led her to reflect on her role as a princess.

Growing up in the public eye means that every shameful moment and those strange growth processes, or even a fun fashion moment, is published and known in all parts of the world ”, he pointed out.

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