Video Kanye West in tears, he and Kim Kardashian thought about taking his life

“My mother saved my life, my father wanted to ab0rt @ rme”, so confessed the rapper, who could not help crying when he revealed that they considered taking the life before the birth of his first daughter North

Rapper Kanye West couldn’t help crying while talking about Kim Kardashian n and her family at their rally at the Exquis Event Center, where he recalled that his first daughter, North, may not have been born.

West began to talk about his new wife and revealed that when they got pregnant with their first child they were both very scared, they were still dating and they thought about taking her life.

According to the candidate for the presidency of the United States himself, Kim called him in the middle of crying and screaming, he was scared, he thought that he had infected the famous socialite with S1Da or some disease.

It was then that their lives changed completely, Kardashian mentioned that she was pregnant, but that could not be and would go to the doctor.

Kanye West shared that for three months they thought about the possibility of ending the pregnancy; until the key day arrived.

He said that Kardashian had some pills in his hands and told him “You take these pills and that’s all, the baby is gone “; however, they point out that they had a revelation and decided that North should be born

The rapper pointed out that Kim defended her baby with everything, who finally became her first-born and a beautiful girl, could not help crying at this revelation.

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