The popular young woman left everyone with their mouths open driving a beautiful Lamborghini in a very cute mini dress

The famous Instagram model, Alexa Dellanos, left thousands of users shocked with a video in which she appears driving a Lamborghini with her smallest and most daring dress, while her boyfriend recorded her.

The pretty girl looked incredible while wearing the sports car, something that is everyone’s dream, it is a dream vehicle that anyone would like to try sometime.

To begin with, the young woman records herself in front of the mirror in the room where she was sending a kiss to her loyal fans and taking courage to start driving the car which has a monstrous engine and could be dangerous.

However, the girl was accompanied by her boyfriend to Alec Monopoly, who was in charge of taking care of her and encouraging her at all times, is a great adventure for the two of them doing their best on the highway.

Her fans were totally delighted with her great figure because in the videos you can see that she is wearing a little dress that highlighted her charms because she is one of the favorites of the boarding schools.

It should be remembered that Alexa was away from her Instagram for a while, however, now she is back and shares daily videos and photos in her stories, where she keeps us up to date showing what she is doing and it shows that she is having a lot of fun Well, after being heaven, she has looked for a bit of adrenaline.

It is also important to emphasize the great relationship that the two young people have shown since on several occasions they have reflected their great trust and support while she helps her with his photos and videos, she also helps him for her recordings.

What is happening in the world had Dellanos super worried, thanks to the fact that her mother is a very responsible driver and she never stopped going to the studio to record, so she entered a state of constant worry and this caused her to move away for a while. little of their social networks.


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