Kim Kardashian could file for divorce from Kanye West because of her campaign

Kanye West’s recent presidential campaign could end his marriage to Kim Kardashian 

Kanye West’s recent presidential campaign could end his marriage to  Kim Kardashian due to certain things he revealed, which did not seem quite right to the socialite.

According to rumors, his marriage to the model Kim Kardashian could be on the tightrope after Kanye revealed that she tried to admit him to a psychiatric hospital for registering his political party with the Federal Elections Commission of the United States.

And this was not all, as he also made public that Kim planned to abort the couple’s first daughter, North.


This could both end his marriage and his election, as several polling houses cataloged that his campaign could not win more than two percent of the votes in the entire period.

However, the rapper announced that nothing he has done would be canceled, which is why he held his first political rally.


This event was held in South Carolina, and from the beginning, it caused great controversy when wearing an anti-slip vest with the word ” safety ” plastered on the chest.

During his speech, he took up topics such as the border wall with Mexico, but what generated great controversy was telling the episode in which Kim had decided to abort.


If you had a chance to receive a million dollars, just for being pregnant, would you have considered it? Then everyone would start having children, the greatest gift in life. “

This is how he pointed out that he had to convince his wife not to continue with this idea of ​​aborting their daughter.


According to Kanye, she did not want to have children back then as she was at the height of her modeling career.

I almost ruined my daughter. So even if my wife divorced me after this speech, she brought North into the world, even when I didn’t want to, she stood up and protected that girl. “

Could this be the end of the marriage between Kim and Kanye?

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