Demi Rose shows a great rear in her new photos, increasingly voluptuous

The young British woman seems to be increasing her curves more and more, in this photo the rear guard was detached and shocked thousands

The famous young British woman, Demi Rose, has been leaving her house a little more after a long cu @ rentena and there is a detail that has her fans shocked because she is increasingly voluptuous and with more pronounced curves.

And it is that the young British woman was at home for several months doing very little exercise so her curves increased considerably.

We can see this in her last photograph on her official Instagram, where she showed her rear with a very short and transparent black dress, something that left her fans with their mouths open.

The photograph caused a chain reaction in social networks as many began to share it, either because it was beautiful or giving the observation that she had gained a few pounds, something that Demi Rose does not seem to mind, however, she is already working in the gym to get your best.


In those are the last days we have been able to observe the model walking through the city, visiting restaurants, going to parties, and all well accompanied by her friends, but there is a detail that some of her loyal fans have dismayed because in no video or story photo has been shown with masks and fear for their health.

The young woman did not want to use it so as not to ruin her makeup, something that could be considered irresponsible and a bad example for many Internet users who have criticized her, while still recognizing that she looks very attractive.

Let’s hope that the young woman continues to upload quality content and that she does not get infected or something like that since her fans could have a terrible time and perhaps some fear because they consider her one of their favorites and have even developed an affection for her.

The young woman has a body that her fans consider incredible, which has helped her position herself as one of the best models on Instagram and not to mention her beautiful face that manages to conquer anyone who sees her for the first time.

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