It turned out that a few days ago, Doria arrived in Los Angeles at Meghan and Harry’s house to live with them and help them with their process and their grandson Archie

After several months in which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle planned it, Doria Ragland finally moves to live with them in Los Angeles.

It turned out, that finally Prince Harry’s mother-in-law abandoned her life in Canada and moved to Los Angeles with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson Archie.

As we well know, there is always a topic of conversation around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and in this case, they were no exception after learning that the Prince’s mother-in-law already lives with them in their home in Los Angeles.

According to the information described by US Weekly, Doria, a former actress, who also served as a social worker and mother of the Duchess, moved into the $ 18 million mansions in which the Dukes live today, owned by comedian Tyler Perry.

Apparently, Doria’s move became effective a few days ago, of which she has already been enjoying her new life with her two children and her grandson.

According to the same media, he also pointed out that the 63-year-old Doria now helps Meghan in all her tasks and even takes care of little Archie.

Doria Ragland continues to live with Meghan, Harry and Archie, “a source told Us Weekly, adding,” This has been the longest time she has spent with her grandson since he was born.

Ragland, who was also a yoga teacher, now acts as an “unofficial” babysitter for Archie, they say, at which time he will also help the couple find stability in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that as has been pointed out on different occasions,  Doria is the only person in whom Meghan could place all her trust, particularly to be left in charge of her little son Archie.

However, this would not surprise us very much since the actress has always kept complicity and close relationship with her mother, at least they have reflected it this way, a characteristic that far from bothering the Prince, surely shares since he possibly remembers the relationship that he and his mother had. In addition to being noted, he and his mother-in-law have an excellent relationship.


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