Princess Beatrice of York and the brand new poem full of love from her husband, Edoardo Mapelli

Beatrice of York, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, and Edoardo Mapelli were recently married in the middle of a very discreet ceremony, but the message of her now-husband continues to cause sighs among royal fans.

After their discreet wedding, Edoardo Mapelli and Beatriz de York, Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, continue to steal sighs among royal fans, especially after the sweet words that today’s husband of the royal dedicated to her.

one of the weddings that recently starred some members of royalty, was that of Beatriz de York and Edoardo Mapelli who after several months of postponing their wedding due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, finally fulfilled their dream.

Beatriz, dressed in an outfit with great historical and sentimental value, arrived at the altar of the Royal Chapel of All Saints to say yes to her fiancé and although the ceremony had very few guests, the couple was happy to finally share their life together.

However, the romanticism of the great moment still surrounds the followers of royalty for the significant detail of Edoardo Mapelli towards his beautiful wife, a different gift towards the woman he loves, who would not only have stolen the breath of Elizabeth II’s granddaughter but of all the faithful followers of royalty.

Three days ago, today’s husband of Beatriz de York, would have published on his Instagram account an emotional photo of the wedding that they both celebrated in Windsor last Friday.

In the instant, the Italian real estate developer dedicated some beautiful words to the now companion of his life.

A poem dedicated to Beatriz, written by the American poet  EE Cummings: “I carry your heart with me” (I carry your heart with me). A small translated snippet says the following:

“I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)

I am never without him (you go wherever I go, my love); and everything I do

by myself, you do it too, my love.

I am not afraid of fate (because you are my destiny, my love)

I do not want any world (because beautiful you are my world, my truth)

and you are all that a moon has always been and all that sun will always sing is you.

Here is the deepest secret that no one knows (here is the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of a tree called life; that grows higher than a soul can hope or a mind can hide) and this is the wonder that keeps the stars apart.

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart). ”

In the snapshot, the couple appears in one of the unpublished images that were taken during the wedding, together they appear in the shade of the foliage of a tree.

On the other hand, the young couple, after becoming husband and wife, they point out, would be living for the moment with Beatriz’s parents, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, who now takes refuge there to get away from the Epstein scandal, they say.

It is worth mentioning that in the link, Prince Andrew himself (father of the bride) was not present, on the contrary, some witnesses to this event were Queen Elizabeth and Duke Philippe of Edinburgh, Sarah Ferguson (mother of the bride) Eugenia de York (sister of the bride) and Nikki Shale (mother of the groom, Edoardo Mapelli), in total, around 20 guests were the witnesses at the ceremony, according to some details revealed.

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