This question will be very difficult for who is a fan of the two beautiful girls, who are the ones with the most fans on the internet

While Mia Khalifa dedicates herself to her true dreams, Lana Rhoades does too, however, each in a different way, as Khalifa retired and Lana came to stay.

This showdown will bring a bit of nostalgia to those who remember Khalifa’s work, but it is important to mention that now she prefers to show himself in a less intimate way, while still showing her enchantments.

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To begin the du3lo we have a photograph of Lana in which she appears from her car to show us the great neckline of her green blouse, one that well defends her position as one of the most daring and attractive on the networks.

In Mía’s case, we have a photograph in which she appears enjoying a social event, wearing an elegant super low-cut dress that revealed her great attributes and left some users with a notable increase in temperature.

At the moment Lana Rhoades is dedicated to generating more and more content, either on her social networks or in the companies where she works to produce new videos, the girl has consented so many users that she is easily one of the favorites on the entire internet.

On the other hand, Mía Khalifa is working on what she always wanted either in the kitchen or casting for sporting events, so its content is smaller but perhaps considered more exclusive for this reason.

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We leave it to your discretion, who is the most beautiful? Who wears cleavage better?
While one is super voluptuous, the other is simpler and, as they say, genres are broken, but a decision will have to be made.

Most likely, some will bow with Mia, although some others will with Rhoades, because the two girls have theirs, and most importantly, they know how to show it off. Something that we can assure is that each of the girls is free to look as they please and that after Khalifa’s experience she has left a great example and awareness around the subject.


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