Queen Elizabeth II and the crazy theory that Putin assures: she is not human

One of the wildest theories, as President Vladimir Putin assumes that Queen Elizabeth is not human

One of the theories most outrageous, because President  Vladimir Putin is considered certain that  Queen Elizabeth II is not human but a being much like a reptile, known here why her theory.

Some years ago, Vladimir had revealed to close associates and superior people that he believed that Queen Elizabeth II was not human, since something out of this world had occurred.

This happened while she was greeting him in one act and saw how the shape of her eyes had changed in a very strange and mysterious way, giving him a slightly dark warning .

According to Putin, the warning that Queen Elizabeth II gave him was not to continue messing with the Illuminati lineage that for several centuries has dominated our planet.

Vladimir assured that Queen Elizabeth is not a human and even emphasized that she is a species of reptile that has a mysterious ability that allows her to change shape between human form and reptilian features.

I change the shape of her pupil in a very strange way as reptiles do, as a kind of warning to me personally, ”the president explained.

Vladimir met the queen on the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Day landing in France in 2014.

It is worth mentioning that in that event, she was highly criticized by the western media because she did not help the monarch to go down the stairs, and also for keeping his distance from her.

Now, after 6 years we can know that the Russian president actually stayed away from her because of the strange moment she lived when she just greeted her.

Queen Elizabeth II has a long reptilian face, very similar to a beak, and with a gray color very similar to that of sickly water. She moved between that peculiar shape and her human state between four and five times while Putin was greeting her, “said a person close to the president.

Queen Elizabeth II is believed to be one of the greatest priestesses of the Illuminati lineage, and because of what happened, Putin has since investigated the tyrannical powers that have dominated our planet.

She has traveled to more than 90 countries and surprises others every time she manages to discover more public figures than are thought to be behind the reptilian lineage.

Her hands took on the terrifying appearance of a reptile, as they helped her up the stairs. The moment she smiled her teeth took the shape of sharp reptilian teeth and shone a lot. “

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