Prince Harry, Los Angeles took away his mischievous charm and the glitz of royalty

They say that Prince Harry is no longer the same, and now it is only a shadow that he was before marrying Meghan and moving to California

As revealed by a royal biography, Prince Harry has given a totally radical change and is only the shadow that he was before separating from royalty.

Angela Levin, a royal family biographer, recently noted that Queen Elizabeth II’s red-haired grandson “has lost his mischievous charm and royal glitz” and now only focuses on the negative.


Gone was the smile of the mischievous Prince Harry who had somewhat disheveled hair and the clear and mischievous smile that characterized him, he points out.

Angela Levin who is the official biographer of the son of Prince Charles and the late  Diana of Wales recently offered a shocking interview for British television, in which she pointed out that the Prince was nothing more than a “shadow of himself and that” he has lost his mischievous charm and the glitz of royalty. ”

They were the sharp words that Levin used before the cameras of the Royal Rota show (ITV) where he spoke at length about the Duke of Sussex and husband of the American actress Meghan Markle, who just turned 39 years old.

According to the author of the book Harry: Conversations with the Prince, which was published in 2018 and logically knows the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II from head to toe and has carefully followed his life and work.


According to the author, since his departure from royalty, his stay for a couple of months in Canada, and his relocation to Los Angeles, California, for Harry, everything is now grayer.

“He has focused on negative things,” Levin notes and his actions would speak for it.

His actions against the media in London for publishing private documents of his wife, the closure of his networks, and his estrangement from the family, especially his brother, Prince William, and his wife Kate, Dukes of Cambridge of whom he was very close before Meghan came into his life, as well as his companions and inseparable accomplices.

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