Theory reveals, Lady Diana stopped living while pregnant

Among many of the theories that have emerged after the spectacular mishap that Diana of Wales will take her life, is that of an alleged pregnancy

Since the fatal departure of Lady Diana Spencer, there have been many theories that have accompanied the terrible moment in which she lost her life, one of them points out: A pregnancy.

It was on August 31, 1997, when the whole world was shocked at the news of Lady Diana Spencer’s departure.

Lady Di left this world leaving a cloud of affliction on the entire world and since then there has not been a royal who is able to match her.

The royal, lost her life in a car accident when at the moment the unit in which she was traveling crashed into a post under a bridge in Paris, “Puente del Almá”.

Along with her, her partner Dodi Al-Fayed and her driver Henri Paul lost their lives. The only survivor was Al-Fayed’s bodyguard.


Amid the suspicions, chaos, and countless theories that accompanied that fateful night, a version gains even more force, indicating that Princess Diana of Wales would lose her life while she was “pregnant”.

It is worth mentioning that this doubt arose before the mishap that took her life, it was after a summer vacation that Diana had with her children in Saint-Tropez, some images would unleash the imagination of the press after noticing a small bulge at the height from her belly.

However, some also attributed this could also be due to the age of Princess Diana.

It is necessary to take into account that pregnancy begins to be noticed until 3 or 4 months. As they reveal, the couple began dating just 7 weeks before the accident.

Mohamed Al Fayed and Diana of Wales wanted to officially announce their engagement on September 1 and perhaps they would have done so if fate had not decided otherwise.

However, although it seemed that the couple was happy, some other versions told by Diana’s family rule out that she was completely happy.

Some testimonies supposedly given by Diana’s sisters reveal that in their confessions, one of them to her sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, commenting that their courtship was on a “rocky road.”

Others of them, coming from close friends and confidants who would have revealed a week before the misfortune, agree that  Diana spoke that at that moment in her life she had no intention of getting married and that rather than relationship was a “flirt Of summer”.

Apparently, Diana Spencer’s intention was “to make Dr. Hasnat Khan jealous, with whom she would have had a relationship and it had ended due to the siege of the press, she could not bear it anymore. 

The relationship with Dodi gave Diana happiness at least in the last moments of her life, in any case despite the feelings that the princess had, she felt fulfilled because she had a wonderful time with Dodi, who cared for her like what She was, a “Princess” and wooed her in an impressive way, she herself told her butler.

Some tests even revealed that Dodi made the purchase of a ring at the Alberto Repossis jewelry store the day they lost their lives. They claim that the ring belonged to a collection called Dis-Moi oui (which translates as Tell me if). It could not be less with the fínes that Dodi was pursuing to convince the princess.


After the mishap that took the couple’s life, in January 2004, the coroner John Burton was the one who examined the body of the late Diana Spencer, later reporting that she had not found any sample of said pregnancy. 

Likewise, during the investigation that was opened after the fateful accident, Operation Paget, blood samples were collected from the car, which was subjected to the corresponding analyzes. 

They found that the tests did not show any trace of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, produced during pregnancy.

A thorough investigation and interviews with her closest friends revealed that Spencer had her period and was also using contraception. 

On the other hand, one of the trusted people of the Egyptian-born tycoon, Myriah Daniels, a masseur who had known Dodi since 1980 and accompanied him on all her trips to provide her services, pointed out that due to the experience she has with the bodies of men and women, she assures that the princess was not pregnant. 

But she also points out, Diana herself confirmed that she was not, and in any case, she would have noticed it if at some point it had been like that 

I have massaged both women who have never been pregnant and women who are, and I am familiar with the body of a woman who is going to conceive

The masseuse revealed that she was sure that she was not and did not find any signs that would indicate otherwise, said the conversation occurred while we were on board the “Jonikal”, she said.

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