He ignores her, Prince Harry would make changes without opinion of Meghan

Apparently, Prince Harry and Meghan do not share everything how many could come to think, at least not on this occasion when Queen Elizabeth’s grandson decided to make some changes in some documents without taking into account Meghan’s opinion, they say

Much has been said that Meghan Markle is the one who runs the ship in her marriage to Prince Harry, however, on this occasion, it transpired that the grandson of Elizabeth II would have made a series of changes in documents without asking his beloved wife’s opinion.

Apparently, this after Harry and Meghan have been forced to make a great series of changes in their lives, among which the British wife would lose something very valuable.

Apparently, Harry would strip Meghan of something that she would have acquired after entering royalty.

It was the title of Duchess of Sussex, which would soon cease to belong to the former actress and today devoted to social causes, Meghan Markle and it was none other than her husband who started the documents, they reveal

Apparently this is a necessary requirement for the documents they require for the new foundation they have created together.

It should be remembered that after their departure from royalty last January, the couple resigned their position of “Royal Highness” and had to change the name of their Sussex Royal Foundation.

Now they can no longer use the title of “Royal” for this reason Meghan and Harry would have requested a name change at the corresponding facilities in Great Britain, according to various media.

Even recently it was revealed that said movement had already been made and now his project bore the name of MWX Foundation, which is speculated would be an abbreviation of Markle Windsor Foundation, which is still not clear if the X is for the last letter of Sussex.

Also, according to various reports, they point out that in the new records the name can be checked and that Markle and five other associates have supposedly been eliminated from managerial positions and now only Harry is in charge and owner.

On the other hand, it has been known that in Great Britain they will use the name of the MWX Foundation, but globally they will use the name that they had already announced months ago, that of Archewell Foundation in honor of their son, Archie.


As discussed above, the couple resigned from royalty in early 2020, leaving their positions as “senior royals” to become “inactive members of the royal family.” 

Little by little since their resignation was made official, the fate of the former royal couple, who held the title of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has been deluded and still to date, however, this privilege will also change within the next few days.

Like this and many others, both Meghan and Harry have been losing on the way after the search for their own independence. 

Likewise, Harry’s father Carlos is one of the royal members who still continue to faithfully support them since the couple moved to California. 

From what has become known, Carlos, the future king, pays for the safety of Meghan and her youngest son, Harry as well as how he would also have supported them financially to be able to acquire the new home they enjoy today in Santa Barbara, California, where the hitherto Sussex are reported to be planning to put down roots. 

So it is unknown if in a closer time, Carlos withdraws the financial aid so that Harry and Meghan finally achieve the independence they were looking for so much, so along the way they have already found new projects that will help them achieve their goals. 

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