Naturally Emily Ratajkowski, from another meaning to transparent

Emily Ratajkowski surely left her followers with their mouths open after she shared a certain photograph showing her natural body, the transparent now has another meaning thanks to her

It is possible that the British model  Emily Ratajkowski has left her followers astonished after she shared a photo where she appears natural, without any garment, however, she manages to give another meaning to the transparent.

The 29-year-old professional model and friend of Kendall Jenner apparently always finds a way to attract the attention of her fans, her 26 million 700 thousand followers constantly thank her and let her know through the comment box of each of your photos or videos.

Despite the fact that the photograph was shared a few months ago, those who snoop on her Instagram account and find it are delighted with what they see.

It was thanks to her education that  Emily Ratajkowski has no problem in showing her figure without a garment, we have seen that on several occasions, not only on her Instagram account but also in the censored video of “Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. TI, Pharrell “where she appears without a top along with the other two models.

The sun comes through our curtains first thing in the morning at the end, “she wrote in her photograph.

Ratajkowski is in the natural as many like to see her, however, she is behind a curtain, fortunately for some, these are transparent, and you can see the whole body of the model, for this she decided to cover her charms with one of her arms.

To tell the truth, you can’t see much since the sun is coming through the window and the photo was taken against the light, so it is to some extent difficult to visualize the panorama

It was on March 29 that this publication was made, which is about to reach two million red hearts, which surely are mostly the fans who sigh just by seeing it.

The full name of the beautiful 29-year-old British woman is Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski, she was born in Westminster, London, England, in the United Kingdom, however, she was nationalized as an American citizen.

In addition to being a model, she is also an actress, she has participated in several films among which she has starred are:

  • I fell pretty in 2018
  • In the darkness in 2018
  • We are your friends in 2015

On television, she had three appearances in different programs as well as in various music videos, alongside Taio Cuz and Maroon Five in addition to the aforementioned Robin Thicke.

Although she has been active in the medium since 2004, it was not until 2009-2010 that she made her television debut and became better known on the early show, but it was the video with Thicke that made her was worth its recognition worldwide.

The British model is very adept at sharing atrocious content on her Instagram account, the young woman despite being in quarantine has not stopped working, a few hours ago she shared a publication on Twitter that will surely attract the attention of her fans and not because be it a photograph, but rather because she is working on something extremely interesting and important to her.

I’ve been working on a collection of essays for the past year and couldn’t be more excited that @nymag has posted “Buying Myself Back”. This is an extremely personal article on image, power and consent. Thank you to the entire team at New York Magazine for this opportunity, “she wrote.

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