With just a hat, Lana Rhoades felt cold when modeling in the snow

Former actress Lana Rhoades proved that she can be in a snowy place with just a hat and gloves, shocking fans

The famous former actress of adult films, Lana Rhoades, is increasingly exceeded in popularity because, as we know, despite her retirement, she has been very constant in her social networks, making her numbers grow wholesale thanks to her incredible content.

On this occasion we will address one of her most liked photos, it is one in which she simply used a hat and pink gloves to cover himself from the cold, leaving her figure a little uncovered, so she surely felt cold.

Lana Rhoades was not afraid to pass in a pink swimsuit next to a pine tree, which was completely snowed, so she wanted to convey that she is totally ready to receive Christmas and that she is very good to walk in the cold.

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