New cover, Celia Lora launches its great content in a magazine

The beautiful Mexican model, Celia Lora, posed for the cover of a magazine and prepared more of its great content for the inside of it

The famous Mexican model, Celia Lora, has become an icon of beauty on the internet thanks to her excellent content, which is uploaded to her social networks and especially on Instagram, where she is “The Boss” of Latin Americans.

On this occasion, we will address her next project which is about her appearance on the cover of a CDMX magazine, as well as that she also conducted an interview for them, because thanks to the great attention she has received lately, many want to know more about her.

Obviously inside we will also find incredible and uncovered photographs as usual with Celia Lora, who is a daring girl who has no shame in showing her charms and showing off her beauty to the fullest.

The young woman’s fans are very excited to see what exists inside the magazine as well as to know what the questions were that she answered and especially the answers she gave because the young woman is very creative and they always end up revealing some that other details that almost no one knew about it so most of the time it is something very interesting to learn.

It is worth mentioning that Celia has been participating in various MTV programs, such as Acapulco Shore and the love clinic with Celia Lora, two very different concepts but always focused on getting the best out of the personality of the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora del Tri.

In Acapulco Shore she always performs intrepid actions such as stripping off her clothes to enter the pool to bathe, leaving both the public and her co-stars shocked, who end up taking an eyeball.

On the other hand, the love office is a concept of questions and answers as well as anecdotes because the young woman receives messages from her fans on a specific topic and she answers them from her point of view and experience, something that makes the situation very funny. remembering so many experiences she ends up laughing out loud in almost all the shows.

Recently she spoke about infidelity, a very controversial topic in social networks and in life, as many of us have wondered what kinds of situations are acceptable or not because it is worth mentioning that many people do not know how far respect should go and end up being manipulated in some way.

For this reason, Celia seeks to do the social work of helping them, either in their more specific doubts as well as in some more general ones, making her program a success and it has been observed by more and more people.

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