Fans of Alexa Dellanos, the famous model daughter of Myrka Dellanos, were surprised to see that she walks down the street wearing shorts of this size and showing off on the street

The famous influencer and expert in posing the newest in fashion, Alexa Dellanos, is very loved by her audience, however, not everyone agrees with the things they do and they showed it in their last publication.

It is a photograph in which Alexa Dellanos is wearing a mini short, so she could not cover her charms completely, but she decided to go out in this way without any pain because she is very sure of herself and not she cares what other people think.

Even so, her followers decided to tell her what they think of her in the comments, resulting in a not so positive one since many say that Alexa says she is a believer in religion, however, she is going out in this way for what they consider to be totally incoherent and that it shouldn’t be if it really is what it claims to be.

Young Alexa is not very concerned about these comments, because although if she claims to be a believer she enjoys being the center of attention and being observed by everyone, something that is not approved by many Internet users, meanwhile hundreds of thousands more thank her very much for its excellent content, since you can enjoy its great beauty for a long time.

It is not the first time that comments of this style have rained down on the young model, as it is worth mentioning that although she is a recognized influencer, many people consider that her beauty is false, so they ask those who read her messages to leave her To continue, however, it seems that this is not working as she has more and more followers and many who admire her for her great work in front of the camera.

And is that the young woman is an expert posing in front of the lens of a professional camera because she has already been practicing for several years and is usually accompanied by her boyfriend Alec Monopoly who takes the snapshots of her and show her off on social networks because she knows what who has and really enjoys having such a voluptuous and beautiful as well as intelligent girlfriend because she knows that the girl is not the only exterior but also carries many important things inside.

The photo managed to gather hundreds of thousands of likes in a very short time being one of the ones that have caused the greatest reaction in recent days Well it was quite revealing and many thought that her face also looks very pretty, something that is not in all publications happens.

The beautiful girl is going out to enjoy the city with her partner because we have seen through their Instagram stories that they have carried out various activities, how a sports car can drive something that impresses many Well they did not consider that Alexa was capable of driving that way since she did it like a pro.

It is important to say that Alexa will not stop working and uploading content of this style can be your favorite thing in the world and she knows that her fans want to be pampered at all hours, so she tries to upload new content every day, something that is not always known. she can, which is why she sometimes abandons her profile a bit, but she always returns with more desire to share her personal life with her loyal fans who she is very happy with.


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