Laxmi: Akshay kumar tremendous dance to the song ‘Bum Bhole

Bollywood player Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Lakshmi is surprising everyone. There has been a lot of controversy about the film, the name has also been changed, but still the buzz has not diminished. Now the makers have released a song from the film Lakshmi which has increased the beats of fans, they are surprised to see Akshay

Akshay kumar dance in the form of Raudra

Lakshmi’s song Bomb Bhole has gone viral on social media. It is trending in a tremendous way at the moment and the fury of Akshay kumar is scaring everyone. Akshay has also danced to many songs before this, but this time there is some different magic in his songs. They are not just dancing, trying to say something big. Wearing a red saree, Akshay kumar look in his open hair is also intimidating and is increasing the excitement about the film. In this three minute long song, Akshay kumar is sometimes seen doing Tandava and sometimes shouting in Shiva devotion. Fans have also liked the lyrics of the song.

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