US Election: Who will win at Trump-Biden? Sunny Leone said- this suspense will kill me

The whole world is eyeing the ongoing presidential election in America. Will Donald Trump once again hold power, or will the Joe Biden of Democrats appear to be ruling this time, this question is constantly flashed in everyone’s mind. Voting is over and the counting of votes continues since morning. As expected, there is a lot of reversal in the world’s largest election. At this time, Biden who is running ahead in the race for lectoral votes, but his lead is very less. In such a situation, when Donald Trump wins, it cannot be said.

Sunny Leone’s post regarding the US election

Now actress Sunny Leone is also very excited for this election. Constant upsets in the results are also surprising them. She is also following the results very closely at this time. In such a situation, Sunny Leone has shared a picture on social media with her husband Daniel Weber. Looking at the picture, it is understood that both Sunny and Daniel have exercised their right to vote. Both have voted in this presidential election. They are asking the same question to all other people whether they voted or not.

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