This is why Sunny Leone finds sexy Punjabi boys

Sunny Leone is Punjabi. When he came to India, he liked Punjab and the people there. Cool and big hearted. He also liked Rajma-rice. Once, while she was shooting a song with Yo Yo Honey Singh, it was revealed that Sunny also understands Punjabi language

Needless to say how crazed Sunny Leone is among young boys. To get a glimpse of them, there is a long line of miles. The crowd gathers wherever they go.

But the question arises, what kind of boys does Sunny like. It is learned that Sunny is crazy towards Punjabi boys. Sunny says that they find sexy Punjabi boys because their body is very hot.

Then the question arises that Punjabi boys are so fond, then why not marry a Punjabi girl? Let us stay, or else Daniel Weber will feel bad.


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