Recently Poonam Pandey was arrested for making pornographic videos. But even before this, many well-known actresses have been charged severely. Let us know about these actresses and their allegations-

(Poonam Pandey) and her husband were recently arrested in Goa for making a pornographic video. Earlier, everyone knows the news of Riya Chakraborty who came in the discussion with Sushant case. Even before this, there have been small cases due to disputes over many actresses. Yet there are many actresses who have been caught in serious criminal cases as well. Let’s know the story of all of them-

1 – Shilpa Shetty’s family gave betel nut to a don

This is the case of 2003 and till date, no decision has been taken on this. Actually, Shilpa Shetty was the brand ambassador of Prafulla Sari, but Shilpa Shetty father alleged that Prafula Sarees broke the agreement, showed the advertisement for more than the prescribed limit. Shilpa demanded Rs 2 crore from the saris, but she flatly refused. On this, Shilpa and her family gave a betel nut to Don Fazlu Rahman instead of adopting the legal path.

The people of the frisky saris allege that they started receiving threatening calls. He filed an FIR with the police. In this case Shilpa, along with her mother, father and secretary, etc., were accused. In this case, the decision is still awaited after 17 years.

2 – Mamta Kulkarni caught with drugs king Vicky Goswami

Mamta Kulkarni, who worked in all the super hit films like ‘Karan Arjun’, suddenly disappeared from the film world. A few years ago, she suddenly came into the discussion and this time those discussions were surprising. It is learned that Mamta Kulkarni is the wife of Vicki Goswami, an international drugs smuggler and close to Dawood and is living in Nairobi.

Last year, the US Drug Enforcement Administration arrested Vicky Goswami from Nairobi. Here Thane police had also registered a case against Mamta Kulkarni and Vicky Goswami in the drugs case.

When the news about Mamta Kulkarni appeared in the media, she issued a statement declaring herself innocent. In September itself, Mamta Kulkarni has hired two top lawyers of the country so that she can get a clean chit in the ongoing case in Thane. However, till date Mamta did not tell what she was doing with such a big drug smuggler for so many years.

3 – When the National Award Winning Actress caught in the Sachs Scandal

Shweta Basu Prasad received the National Award for Best Child Actor for the film ‘Spider’, after which she came to know everyone from ‘Iqbal’. With the ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’ serial, he was known in every household. When she grew up, she started working in Tamil-Telugu films. One day news came that Shweta Basu Prasad has been arrested in the Sachs scandal. Due to such news and Shweta  not coming in front of the media, people gradually accepted it as true.

Placed in rescue home with children

In the Banjara Hills area of ​​Hyderabad, a Sachs racket was caught, in which Shweta was also arrested. She was kept with children in a rescue home for 2 months. When she came out, she told another story of how she went to an award function. When the flight missed, his agent stopped him in a hotel, while the Red fell and people of the same event were caught, along with Shweta.

Later Shweta Basu Pa was released by the court and people from the film world also came with her. She was offered roles in Varun Dhawan’s ‘Badri Ki Dulhania’ and Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s ‘Tashkent Files’. Serials were also found.

4 – Mandakini became infamous due to her relationship with dawood ibrahim

Raj Kapoor’s discovery Yasmin i.e. Mandakini, when she appeared on screen with ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ in 1985, set her on fire with her bold style. More people were discussing him than Rajiv Kapoor. Mandakini became very famous. He got more than 20 films in the next 4 years. Some went and some did not.

But people were shocked when in 1994 a picture of him with Dawood Ibrahim was printed. In a stadium, both were sitting alone watching the match. Then all the stories started running and Mandakini suddenly disappeared. Someone printed that Mandakini stayed at Dawood Ibrahim Dubai bungalow, someone said that pressure was put on Rajiv Kapoor to take him to the film.

Years later, Mandakini came out and just said that ‘I knew Dawood Ibrahim, but I did not have a romantic relationship with him’. She married a Buddhist named Dr. Kagyur T. Rinpoche Thakur, who worked in an Ed Murphy radio in 1990. They also have 2 sons. She currently runs a Tibet herbal center in Mumbai and Mandakini also teaches Tibetan Yoga.

5 – This is how Monica Bedi came out of the clutches of Abu Salem

People were not able to understand that beautiful beauty like Monica Bedi was trapped in the clutches of gangster like Abu Salem. But this was the truth. Nobody had ever thought that a Punjabi girl who was enrolled in Oxford University to study literature, who was working in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu films, would suddenly go to jail.

Both of them remained in Portugal jail for a long time, later brought to India. But Monica had only a fake passport case, the punishment she had already suffered, was abandoned. Immediate entry was received in ‘Bigg Boss’ and people forgot all their mistakes due to his chemistry with Rahul Mahajan.

Monica Bedi, who stayed away from the limelight for 6-7 years, then got work in many reality shows and films.


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