YRF will now show movies in theaters for just 50 rupees! These films will return to the screen

The trade in theaters has been greatly affected by the Corona virus. Cinemars have been closed for almost 7 months now and cinemas have opened, but people are not enthusiastic about theaters. In such a situation, the theater owners are trying to invite people to theaters. Now the cinemas chains PVR, Inox and Cinepolis have come together and this Diwali Yash Raj Films has decided to show old movies after 50 years of Yash Raj Films.

Now Yash Raj Films has decided to help multiplex. Now YFRs are giving facilities to theaters without any fees, so that people can once again reach theaters. After a long conversation, cinemas have now fixed the ticket at Rs 50, which means that viewers can watch the film for just Rs 50. Film distributors want more and more people to come to theaters.

Let me tell you that the film industry has suffered due to Corona virus, because all theaters were closed for seven months due to Kovid-19. Now Yash Raj Films has decided to revamp the theaters collection with all the distributors. Earlier, Aditya plans to celebrate Yash Raj Films (YRF) at the world level when it is 50 years old. It is being told that Aditya wants this celebration to reach all the divas of Hindi cinema around the world.

It was earlier being told that a lot of old memories will be revived around YRF films. Since it is to be conducted on a large scale, the spread of the corona virus will be first assessed worldwide. Also, Yash Raj Films has prepared a strategy to show the film for 50 rupees, so that people start coming to the theater.

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