Government of India will also keep an eye on OTT content, know- how the nature of web series will change

The trend of OTT platform in India is constantly increasing and the content coming in the form of webseries and movies is also being liked. However, at times, the scene of adult and violence shown in webseries and OTT content also creates a ruckus. Now after the intervention of the Supreme Court, the government has issued a notification, under which online news portal, online content providers have been brought under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. That is, now the government will monitor these content as well.

This will enable the government to control the online content and the web series creators will also work on the project as per the government guidelines. In such a situation, we know that how this decision of the government can affect the webseries content…

Adult content will be controlled

It is often seen that online scenes are shot uncensored in webseries and are included in web shows. However, now the manufacturers of webseries may have to take government permission for this. In this case, like films released in theaters, they will also be monitored and may have to be shown before the release of the film and this can lead to strictness on adult content.

Language can be controlled

You may have noticed that web shows use abusive language or adult language, which can now be controlled. It is believed that if the government monitors it, the language can be controlled a little. Also, because of which the popularity of webshows was increasing, it could be controlled.

Challenges for Content Makers

Currently, the content was made available to the audience in freedom without any control, due to which they are liked a lot. However, now content creators will have to follow the government guidelines after making content, under which content will have to be created. At the same time, web shows like movies may require a certificate such as a censor board and this has led to scissor on many scenes.

There may be problems regarding foreign content

Foreign content is also available in large quantities on many OTT platforms, which have been prepared according to the rules of that country. However, the rules are different in India, in such a situation, it may be possible to control many such websites, which will have more adult content. Due to this, people who are fond of foreign content will either not be able to see them or they will have some editing in them.

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