Controversy over web series Ashram Chapter-2, Director Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol sued in Jaunpur

A civil court lawyer filed an application in the court on Thursday accusing him of filming scenes in the web series Ashram Chapter-2 that hurt religious sentiments related to Sanatan Dharma. Subsequently, a lawsuit was filed in the local court against actor Babi Deol and director Prakash Jha. Civil court advocate Himanshu Srivastava delivered the application on Thursday through advocate Upendra Vikram Singh in the court.

He said in the application that he has deep faith in Sanatan Dharma. Since childhood, we have come to know and hear about ashram and holy Hindu texts. The ashram is said to be the holy place of sage sages. A well organized ashram institution has been its specialty in India. In Ashram Chapter-2, how innocent people are implicated in the name of faith in the ashram, how the alliance of faith, crime and politics, adultery and drug trade in the ashrams etc. goes on. The trailer is being released in this regard.

It is allegedly shown the darkside of the ashram. Baba Nirala of Kashipur is played by actor Babi Deol. The story of the ashram revolves around the Eid of drugs, rape, genocide and politics. In the series, Sanatan Dharma is being maligned by showing hypocrites, bhogis, criminals to Baba of Sanatan Dharma. He alleged that the series has been named Ashram to incite religious sentiments. The court of Judicial Magistrate II has demanded registration of cases against the accused. Even before this, a Hindu organization has given a request to the District Magistrate to file a case.

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