Singham 3 will not be made with Ajay Devgan?

In 2011, Rohit Shetty produced Singham, which starred Ajay Devgan, which was a super hit at the box office. Even today, this film is seen very much on TV and Ajay Devgan is remembered as Singham. Rohit’s Shetty eyes were dazzled by Singham’s success and he made the sequel of the film titled Singham Returns only three years later.

Singham Returns was not a Singham thing, yet the film was a super hit and the box office collection was more than Singham. Since then, talks of Singham 3 have been happening, but till now Singham 3 is not known. Yes, Ajay Devgan as Singham must be seen doing a small role in the movie ‘Simba’.

Right now Rohit is planning the film ‘Circus’. Shooting of Ranveer Singh, Jacqueline Fernandes and Pooja Hegde are going to start shooting soon. After this, they are going to start Golmaal 5. That is, he has not yet made any plans regarding Singham 3.

Sources say that Singham 3 will make Rohit only when the strong script is on hand. Singham Returns may have done business fiercely, but the audience had not met the expectations. Rohit also knows this and is not in the mood to take any risk at the moment.

Meanwhile, he has made Simba with a police character, in which Ranveer Singh was seen. He has also created Suryavanshi with Akshay Kumar, who is waiting for release. That is, after Singham, they have formed two police characters Simba and Suryavanshi. It is possible that they will make a film with Singham, Simba and Suryavanshi together so that Singham can be seen again thrashing the goons.

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