Dharmendra launched Sunny Deol with ‘Betab’ and left no stone unturned to make the film better. Sunny also launched son Karan Deol, playing the duty of father, but could not make the film better. Insisted on becoming a director himself and made the film a waste. The film was bad so it was sure to be beaten, but Karan Deol suffered more from it.

It is very difficult to make a comeback if the first film flops. Instead of directing himself, Sunny Deol would have launched Karan Deol with another experienced director or banner, so the matter would have been different today. It has been almost a year and a half since Pal Pal Dil Paas was released and Karan Deol has no work.

It is reported that Sunny Deol wants to give Karan Deol another chance and there is nothing wrong in this. Sunny Deol seems to have learned a lesson by mistake. News reports say that Sunny Deol is planning to produce a film with Karan Deol soon and will have someone else sit in the direction chair so that arrows hit the right target this time and Karan Deol will pursue the Deol family.

In between, it was also heard that film director Indra Kumar is planning a film about Karan Deol, but the talk has come. Meanwhile, due to Corona, many films were made. Economic crisis has come to the fore and making films has become very difficult in this period. Sunny Deol is also waiting for the circumstances to be corrected and the announcement of another film about Karan Deol may be heard soon if the matter is alright.


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