Sonu Sood beats Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar in this case, Sood surprised himself

There are reports that Sonu Sood has beaten Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar on Twitter. The funny thing is that Sonu Sood has also expressed surprise on this.

Popular actor Sonu Sood has been in the news since the lockdown. He has settled in the minds of people due to his generosity. Everyone knows how he helped migrant laborers during the lockdown. The lockdown has passed, but their noble deeds continue.

Live ready to help
Seeing the good works of Sonu Sood, people have started calling him Messiah. When someone asks for help from them through needy social media, then Sonu must reply and try to help him in every possible way.

According to the latest news, Sonu Sood has come into the limelight due to his tremendous activism on social media. In this case, he has also defeated superstars like Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar. When Sonu came to know about this, he himself was surprised.

Revealed in a survey
According to social media analytics firm Twitteet, Sonu Sood is at number four on the micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’ in the month of October. This firm collects data of ‘Twitter engagement’ of many celebrities like politicians, businessmen and film stars.
In this list, Sonu Sood has come at number four and has defeated Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan. When Sonu was told about the matter, he said, ‘I didn’t know about it, wow!’.

Sonu joins the needy
Sonu Sood has also given a statement about his presence on social media. He says, ‘I feel that I connect with people on social media platforms who need me and should be used as such. The distance between ordinary people and celebrities should be reduced with technology.

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