When Sunny Deol was going to do a remake of Singham 3!

The matter is about three years old when it was discussed that Sunny Deol, who weighs two and a half kilos, is going to do a Hindi remake of South India’s superhit film ‘Singham 3’. Surya played this role in ‘Singham 3’ and it was said that this role will now be played by Sunny Deol. Significantly, it had nothing to do with Singham or Singham Returns featuring Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgan.

It was also said that Sunny Deol had called Ajay Devgan before signing this film. He spoke to Ajay and said that he would not use the name Singham anywhere.

The name of the producer-director of the film was also revealed. It was said that Hindi remake of Singham 3 is being produced by Jayantilal Gada. The film was directed by K. Ravi Chandran will do it.

However, these things proved to be mere rumors. They did not have the strength. Probably even if the plan was made, it did not take long to get stuck.

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