Why doesn’t Kelly Brook consider herself sexy?

Former glamor model Kelly Brook says that she never considers herself sexy, because she does more seductive pranks. Brook told Closer magazine, “I have never felt sexy in my life.

Former glamor model Kelly brook says that she never considers herself sexy, because she is more of a clown. “I have never felt sexy in my life,” Kelly Brook told Closer magazine. I am as happy as I am, but I do not wake up every day thinking of myself as sexy. I think it’s something I trust, rather than how I really feel about myself. ”

She said that even when she was a glamor model, she had to be very ‘shy’ about it. Brook said, “It paid the bills, but it was strange to me. At the age of twenty-one there was never really a sexy girl – I am a slightly more jiggly, goofy clown.” The model, who is in a relationship with actor Jeremy Parisi, says she is doing workouts to reduce the increased weight during lockdown, although she does not want to be ‘quite thin’ again.

He said, “When I looked at my youth, I looked like a thin stick. But then I think, ‘Oh, this was the time when I went through that break-up, or the time when My father had passed away. That time was not good. “

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