Sapna Chaudhary has recently released a music video. The name of this music video is ‘Slaughter’.

Sapna Chaudhary rules everyone’s hearts with her captivating dance moves and glamorous style. Recently Sapna Chaudhary’s new song has been released. The lyrics are ‘Slaughter’. This song of Sapna Chaudhary is becoming fiercely viral on social media. At the same time, it would not be wrong to say that this is the first song released after Sapna Chaudhary’s mother. In the video, Sapna Chaudhary looks very glamorous. Seeing Sapna Chaudhary in her glamorous style in this video, people are convincing her.

Meanwhile, Sapna Chaudhary gave birth to her son. With whom she was very much in the news. This is Sapna Chaudhary’s first music video after becoming a mother. Sapna Chaudhary’s fans are eagerly waiting for the song and the fans have become very happy with the release of this video. At the beginning of the video, Sapna Chaudhary English is seen speaking and at the same time, she has given a new touch to her look. The song has received 4,89,751 views so far.

Recently Sapna Choudhary was in the news for her marriage. Hearing this, his fans were quite shocked. Fans used to think that Sapna Chaudhary was not married. According to media reports, Sapna Chaudhary got married in the month of January this year. Sapna Chaudhary’s husband’s name is Veer Sahu.


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