Actress Ada Sharma has played the role of a man in her new film ‘Man to Man’. She says that she never thought she would play the role of a man in life. Ada Sharma told IANS, “The film is a romantic comedy. A boy falls in love with a girl and marries her and then she realizes that she is not a girl, but a man. I am playing the character of a man. It is a very sweet love story, but there is a twist in it. I cannot tell too much about the film and for that you (the audience) have to watch it. I promise you I might not have seen anything like this before. It’s fantastic. ”

She added, “I never thought that I would play the role of a man. My character in the film undergoes sex-change surgery to become a woman and I hope that we will be able to do justice to the transgender community through the film.” ”

He said, “I think I’m lucky that the director thought of me, he decided to make a risky film. I always try to choose roles that are different from my first film.”

Asked if he was concerned about the audience’s reaction to the film, Ada Sharma said, “I am not afraid of what the audience will think, because the audience has always given me great support.” 1920 ‘My teeth were black and I looked very scary. In’ Commando 2 ‘I had to speak Hindi in Telugu accent. Every time the audience has always accepted me wholeheartedly. ”

‘Man to Man’ is written and directed by Abir Sengupta and also stars Naveen Kasturia. Apart from this film, Ada will next appear in the second season of ‘Commando-4’ and web series ‘The Holiday’


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