Fardeen Khan lost weight, was trolled due to obesity, Photos

Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan has become fit once again. Fardeen Khan, the hero of the film Prem Agan, has not been seen for a long time. The last time he came in front of the camera, it was very difficult to identify him. The reason was the increased weight of Fardeen Khan.

At one time, the discussion on the increased weight of Fardeen Khan, who was included in the list of Bollywood Handsome Actors, started in the year 2016. She was spotted along with Saharashree Subrata Roy and her sister Laila. Fardeen looked quite different at that time

His face was full and his beard had turned white. He looked different in long hair. Also, he was also spotted at the airport. At one time, Fardeen Khan, who settled in the hearts of female fans, started looking very different.

Where the fans were surprised to see the actor, the same social media trolls made fun of Fardeen’s Khan obesity. But now the scene has turned. Now Fardeen Khan is coming back in his fit shape and got a glimpse of it on Saturday.

Fardeen Khan was spotted outside the Mumbai office of casting director Mukesh Chhabra. Fardeen Khan looked better and fit than before. Seeing Fardeen Khan wearing gray T-shirt and black pants, it is known that these days he is paying attention to his fitness.

Talking about Fardeen Khan’s Bollywood career, he was last seen in the film Dulha Mil Gaya. This film came out in 2010. After this, Fardeen Khan never appeared on screen.

Fardeen Khan started his film career with the film Prem Agan. Apart from this, he worked in films like Om Jai Jagdish, No Entry, Hey Baby with Pyar Tune Kya Kiya. Sadly, Fardeen’s Khan film career did not go very well and he got away from the limelight.

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