Whenever box office hits are talked about, stars like Rajendra Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan are discussed and Dharmendra is left behind. Little is known about the achievements of Bollywood’s ‘He-Man’. Not many books have been written on them. They do not make big claims in the media. Do not bang your achievements. Rather, we avoid all these things. When it comes to taking credit, we retreat. Shame on hearing your praise. They do not know to remain in the discussion, whereas when it comes to successful films, they are seen standing ahead of all the stars and superstars. Would you believe, Dharmendra has given more than 100 such films, which have made huge profits. About 60 of these films are Jubilee hits.

Today, if two to four movies become hits, then their feet do not hit the ground. He thinks of himself as a superstar, but Dharmendra, who has made a century of successful films, is still connected to the ground. Are polite. All the credit for the success goes to his parents, fans and above.

When it was Dharmendra, his films earned a lot from film makers, distributors, cinemas owners to cycle stands and canteen ones. Dharmendra’s films used to have a strong business in big cities as well as the interior areas. At this time, the stars who gave hit films all over India are not left. Some films do well in Punjab and some in Bengal, but Dharmendra’s films used to run well all over India. His films had a repeat run value too. His successful films were released from 10 to 15 times in the same city and each time he made a profit by giving these films. Many times his ten-year-old film used to run in theaters along with his new film. His films filled crores of people by earning crores of rupees, but Dharmendra never made any mention of these things.

Dharmendra’s phase as a hero lasted very long. His first film was released in 1960 and he continued to rule the hearts of the audience by becoming a hero for the next 40 years. The audience used to come to the theater in the name of Dharmendra, then the filmmakers used to pay money in his name, otherwise who would have done so in Bollywood who salutes the rising sun. There was a time when Dharmendra and his son Sunny Deol both came into the movies as heroes and for years, Dharmendra was ahead of young Sunny in terms of success and remuneration.

Dharmendra has always been a heartfelt person. Love and relationships were given more importance than money. Despite being successful, did not ask much money from the filmmakers. Many small producers have done films even if their roles in those films have been insignificant or they have been B grade films. Dharmendra worked in these films thinking that there is no harm in doing films if his name benefits him.

It is not a matter of anyone to break this record of Dharmendra. Now, in giving one or two hits, the hero’s breath swells, 100 films are a distance. Shah Rukh, Salman, Akshay are still miles behind, and giving a successful film like Dharmendra does not seem to matter.


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