It is now common to give bold scenes in films. Many actresses shoot these without avoiding them. But some actresses still shy away from doing such scenes. Many times viewers also wonder how do actresses shoot bold scenes among so many people? So for your information, let us know that body double is used to shoot these scenes. This means that the bold scene is shot on another supporting artist, not the actress. But the camera is used in such a way that the audience understands that the scene is shot by the same actress whose face is seen on the screen. Today, let us tell you about some such actresses and films in which body double was used for bold scenes.

Sunny Leone: A Puzzle Leela

Bollywood’s beautiful actress Sunny Leone has given bold scenes in many films. His fan followings continue to grow. But do you know that Sunny LeoneĀ  also avoids giving bold scenes? Yes, Sunny Leone used a duplicate for her film ‘Ek Paheli Leela’. In the film, Sunny Leone was to deliver a bold scene with Mohit Ahlawat, which Sunny Leone shot with husband Daniel.

Mallika Sherawat: Hisss

Mallika Sherawat’s film ‘His’ was released in 2010. There was a lot of uproar at the time about this film. The film had many bold scenes. However Mallika’s Sherawat brother kept claiming that these scenes were filmed on Body Double. It was later revealed that the clay scene shown in the film was shot by Mallika’s Sherawat duplicate. Apart from this, most of the scenes were shot by Mallika Sherawat herself.

Seema Biswas: Bandit Queen

The film Bandit Queen on Phoolan Devi’s life was widely criticized. But even after this the film set the flag of success. Seema Biswas played Phoolan Devi in the film. The film also had a nude scene shot by his duplicate.

Manisha Koirala: A Little Love Story

Film actress Manisha Koirala gave some bold scenes in the film Ek Badi Love Story, released in 2002. In this film, his body double was used for these scenes.

Priyanka Chopra: Seven bloods forgiven

Priyanka Chopra played seven characters in the film ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ released in 2011. Priyanka Chopra was also shown topless in a scene in the film. But you will be surprised to know that this scene was not shot by Priyanka Chopra but her duplicate.


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