When will Salman Khan get married? This question has been asked millions of times, but the answer has not been received yet. Salman Khan is also bored with this question, but this question often comes in front of him.

Salman Khan once reached the Kapil Sharma show in connection with the promotion of his film. He was accompanied by his special friend Katrina Kaif.

The question of Salman’s Khan marriage was asked to Katrina Kaif – When will Salman Khan get married? Katrina Kaif immediately responded that only two people knew the answer. One is God and the other is Salman Khan.

The attendees started laughing after hearing this answer of Katrina Kiaf. Katrina Kaif made it clear that it depends on Salman’s Khan will when they get married.

Significantly, the names of Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan have been associated for a long time, but both of them never publicly acknowledged this.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were once very close. Then Katrina’s Kaif closeness grew with Ranbir Kapoor. Later after the breakup, she again came close to Salman Khan.


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