Salman Khan does not have Shah Rukh Khan, he did not buy it because of it

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is as famous as his house Mannat is also famous. Shah Rukh Khan bought this bungalow in the year 2001 on lease for Rs 13.32 crore. Today it is worth more than 200 crores rupees. But, this house was once going to belong to Salman Khan.

Salman Khan once told that before Shahrukh Khan, he would have bought this house if his father had not said one thing to him, ‘What will you do for such a big house?’

Salman Khan said that Mannat was offered to him when he was starting his career. Salman Khan also talked to his father about this. According to Salman Khan, when I asked my father Salim Khan, he said, what will you do in such a big house? In such a situation, Salman Khan dropped the idea of ​​buying Mannat.

Salman Khan took a dig at Shahrukh Khan and said, ‘What do you do with such a big house?’ Some time ago, Shah Rukh Khan recounting the past said that after so many difficulties he bought this bungalow and why it is so special for him.

Shahrukh Khan said, I am from Delhi and Delhiites like to live in Kothi. People live in apartments in Mumbai. But even though you are not very rich in Delhi but prefer to stay in your home. He said that he was already married when he came to Mumbai and lived in an apartment with wife Gauri Khan.

Shahrukh Khan said that when Gauri’s Khan family came, he said that you live in a small house. After this, when I saw Mannat, I saw it like a Kothi in Delhi and I bought it. This is by far my most expensive item.

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