Rajinikanth formula to keep oneself young

Superstar Rajinikanth, who is worshiped like a god in South India, is making a stir at the box office these days through his film 2.0. Rajinikanth, who stepped on screen with a small role in the 1975 Tamil film Apoorva Ragangal, has done more than 150 films so far. With strong acting, action and his dialogue delivery in films, he has created a different place in the hearts of fans.

Rajinikanth, 70, is the only star to become a hero even at this age. Rajinikanth used to eat anything till the age of 40, but later he started to be very careful in eating and drinking, and as a result of this, he still seems fit on screen today.

Rajinikanth does meditations along with food to look younger and fit. Rajni has told herself the secret to being healthy and active. According to him, after the age of 40, he had given up eating sugar, rice, milk, curd and ghee. Whereas in a time, juices and yogurt were one of his favorite things. Mutton and chicken items are his favorite dishes.

Rajinikanth wakes up daily at 5 am and jogs for an hour. Take a walk in the evening too. He has also included yoga in his routine. Rajinikanth believes that yoga can eliminate stress. Apart from food and drink, they also get good sleep.

Rajinikanth’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that 55-65 crore rupees have been paid for the film 2.0. In 2007, when his film Shivaji: The Boss came, he received Rs 26 crore as fees. In the last 10 years, his fees have more than doubled.

Rajinikanth’s life was full of struggle in childhood. Rajinikanth’s house was not in good condition, so he had to do many minor tasks. Rajinikanth worked from carpenter to porter to help the family.

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