Indoo Ki Jawani Review: Betrayal in love and then dating app is based on finding love

The second film in Hindi, ‘Indu Ki Jawani’ starring Kiara Advani and Aditya Seal, has been released in theaters open to the audience with 50 per cent capacity. The story of the film begins with Indira Gupta alias Indu (Kiara Advani), a resident of Ghaziabad, the old man and young man of the neighborhood. Indu’s boyfriend Satish wants to spend a night with her. Indu is not ready for this before marriage. She asks for feedback from her friend Sonal (Mallika Dua), on whom she trusts more than Google. Sonal is too judgmental about boys. He knows what boys want from girls.

She tells Indu that there is no harm in a physical relationship before marriage. Indu catches Satish red-handed with another girl. He gets a breakup. Sonal advises Indu to find boys for One Night Stand on the dating app. Indu meets Samar (Aditya Seal) there. Summer is Pakistani. She calls Samar to meet her at her house. In the middle of the story, a terrorist shoots at the police and runs away. His partner is absconding. These two stories collide. The film is written and directed by Abir Sengupta. The plot of this story with the dating app could have been interesting, but the real issue is lost in the debate between India and Pakistan.

The hue and cry between Indu and Samar regarding their country seems good in the first part, but boring in the second part. More than comedy, the film comes to an end to the causes of tension between the two countries. The thrill begins with the terrorist entering the Ghaziabad in Black Scorpio, he dies in the intervening story. His presence in the film seems meaningless. It is strange to talk about the physical relationship from the same perspective. In the film’s climax, it seems childish to have Indu standing with a knife in front of the terrorist, hiding in the house instead of running out.

The terrorist of the film does not appear completely in the comic zone nor seems dangerous. The gun dialogue in India-Pakistan relations that this unnamed religion, the man of the country is fighting two countries among us. Look at us, we are fighting like idiots, just think if the gun was not there, how would people fight? Takes the story in another direction. Indu’s character is sometimes fast-paced, sometimes naive, and sometimes takes care of society. Aditya’s seal character from Pakistan comes to India to treat his mother, but the author has told these things only in the dialog.

Repeated mention of flag-making dialogues start to prick the ears. Kiara Advani looks beautiful as a Ghaziabad girl. He simply speaks the dialogues that Aditya Seal received. Veteran actors like Rakesh Bedi have been cast in this film. Mallika Dua’s comedy is not new. The song “Aag Ki Aaggi Agni” is popular.

Film – Indu Ki Jawani

Main cast – Kiara Advani, Aditya Seal, Iqbal Khan, Rakesh Bedi

Director and Writer – Abir Sengupta

Duration – 118 minutes

Rating – 1.5

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