Ajay Devgan’s film will clash with Salman’s Khan Kick 2 or Tiger 3

There is so much violence about the release date that the release date is announced before the film is made, that our film will come on such and such date. Initially, the release date was announced in Bollywood one or two months ago, but now it is announced two or three years ago.

Ajay Devgan has just announced to make a film called ‘Meday’. The shooting is just about to begin, but they have announced the release date. He will release the film on 29 April in the week of Eid 2022. This film is also special because Ajay Devgan is wearing the hat of the director and veteran actors like Amitabh Bachchan are also in the film.

The release date has received more attention from the film’s story and the star cast. Salman Khan has kept a monopoly on Eid. For years, he has been bringing his films on Eid and giving gifts to the fans. Now Eid without Salman’s Khan film looks pale.

Ajay Devgan has challenged Salman Khan with the announcement of the release of the film on Eid. It is not yet decided which film of Salman Khan will be released on Eid, so Ajay Devgan has already tried to grab the ground, but it is certain that some or the other film of Salman Khan will be released on Eid. That is, there will be a collision in the films of Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan directly and the spark of friction will definitely come out.

Salman’s Kick 2 or Tiger Series’s third film could come on Eid. Chances are more of Kick2. Even if any film comes, but the collision will be there unless Ajay leaves the ground.

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