Akshay Kumar again increased his acting fees, will fly away after hearing

Akshay Kumar again increases his acting fees: In this year, Akshay Kumar has increased his acting fees wildly. It is reported that since the lockdown, their fees have increased by crores of rupees. Akshay Kumar has increased his fees so much that you will be blown away by listening.

Akshay Kumar is currently one of the highest-grossing actors in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar works continuously and does not take a single day break and as a result, 4-5 films of Akshay Kumar are released where an actor releases a film in a year. Many of Akshay Kumar’s films are to be released not only in 2021 but also in 2022. It is now learned that Akshay Kumar has increased his acting fees tremendously.

According to a report of ‘Bollywood Hungama’, in the last few months, Akshay Kumar has increased his fees wildly. Previously Akshay Kumar had increased his fees from 99 crores to 108 crores which increased to Rs 117 crores. A source has told in this report that every producer wants to get Akshay Kumar, in view of his own demand, Akshay Kumar has increased the fees for every film released in 2022 to Rs 135 crore.
Actually, every producer feels that taking Akshay Kumar in the film reduces the risk. A good film is made in a low budget, in which the chances of getting good returns are very high. The source calculated that the production cost of a film of Akshay Kumar together with his fees is Rs 190 crore. Whereas from satellite, digital, music rights and theaters, the film comfortably does business above Rs 200 crore. So the producer has little chance of loss in Akshay’s Kumar film.

By the way, it has also been heard that Akshay Kumar also gives special discount to his close friend Feroze Nadiadwala. In Feroze’s films, he charges 20% less. Akshay Kumar’s previous film ‘Laxmi’ was released. His next film ‘Suryavanshi’ is ready. Akshay Kumar has completed shooting for ‘Bell Bottom’. Currently, Akshay Kumar has many films like ‘Atrangi Ray’, ‘Prithviraj’, ‘Ram Setu’, ‘Mission Lion’, ‘Raksha Bandhan’ which will be released in the coming 2 years.

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