Mukesh Khanna gets angry again, Shahrukh Khan-Ajay Devgn’s class

Mukesh Khanna Vs Bollywood: Mukesh Khanna (Mukesh Khanna) has once again flashed on Bollywood stars. This time he has targeted Ajay Devgn and Shahrukh Khan. Along with tweeting, he has made his point public by posting a video.
Mukesh Khanna is known for openly speaking on social media. Recently, he was also in the discussion about many of his controversial statements. Now he has once again raised a new issue. He uploaded a video to his YouTube channel. The title of this video is ‘Low choice of high people’. Through this video, he has taunted Ajay Devgn and Shahrukh Khan. Along with this, he tweeted and said many things related to this video.

Said this by tweeting
He (Mukesh Khanna) wrote in the tweet, “Say, Juban Kesari, I don’t become the choice of high people, I AM MAN OF ALL SEASONS.” what is all this? Dangerous way to confuse people! Dramatic propagation of harmful goods! Nobody stops it. Neither the eater, nor the publicist, nor the government. What happens to whose father? Let me tell you, along with this, he has also tweeted a photo, in which there are ad posters of many things. Ajay Devgn is also seen in one of these. Along with this, the tagline of Ajay’s devgan ad product has also been used.

Mukesh Khanna said this
In this video, Mukesh Khanna has not named any actor, but has made a collective appeal to the people of the film industry. Mukesh Khanna says that some such harmful substances have come around the children and old people, which cause harm to the body by eating. Mukesh Khanna says, ‘Actors are shown smoking in many films, sometimes the hero feels smoke. Many times actors are shown to be drinking alcohol and as an information, it is written only in small letters that smoking is harmful to health. In his video, giving this example, Mukesh Khanna further says that by writing this information does your duty end? He believes that even in films, these things are shown very carelessly. ‘


Request to the government
In this video, Mukesh Khanna is also requesting the government not to give consent to these products. In this video, he says, ‘Someone told me that no one gets as much revenue from all these things. Hearing this, I looked at him with astonishment and said, “What is the government’s concern about revenue?” The government has a lot of source of income. People across the country pay tax. Do they have a shortage that they can earn from alcohol cigarettes? ”Mukesh Khanna adds, therefore, they also tax more on all these items so that no man can buy it, but who will be the drinker from where? He buys alcohol cigarettes with money from anywhere.

Appeal to actors
At the end of the video, he (Mukesh Khanna) said, ‘I have reservations about this. I also have complaints from big actors and big personalities who advertise such products. By selling his personality, he becomes a hero by saying man of action, Juban Kesari. Small stars are fine, but why do big ones do this? A small child sitting in the village would see Shahrukh Khan smoking cigarettes and would say that this is a good thing. These big stars should realize the responsibilities. ‘

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