These stars had made tremendous headlines by changing gender, you will also be surprised by the name

Bollywood is a place where many faces become stars overnight, but behind the hard work of these stars, there are many true incidents about which no one ever gets to know. There are also some stars in the industry who are touching the heights of success by getting their gender changes done. We are telling you about 4 such persons who made headlines as soon as they got gender change.

Ghazal Dhaliwal

Ghazal Dhaliwal, who wrote the story of the film ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga’, is a famous name of Bollywood today. She has also worked for films such as ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’, Nearly Single, and Bazir. Ghazal’s Dhalieal childhood name was Gunraj. She used to be a shy boy. As much as his family or his friends saw him as a boy, he felt that those people are wrong, because she is a girl. She told her family about this and after this she had many operations and later she came to the world as a girl.

Shinata Sangha

The name of star Shinata Sangha, who made her mark on the cover page of Bollywood’s popular magazine, is also included in this list. Shinata Sangha has got gender changed. She is a well-known transgender model of South Asia, earning in crores. She has become the most beautiful transgender in the world three times in a row from 2010 to 2012. Let me tell you today, Shinata Sangha is a British model.

Bobby darling

Bobby Darling is a famous Bollywood personality. Today she is a successful actress and model. She was a boy when she was born. His childhood name was Pankaj Sharma. By the age of 10, Pankaj Sharma behaved like a boy but after a year or two, his lifestyle changed. Now Pankaj Sharma used to spend more time with girls. Seeing the change in Pankaj’s behavior, his parents were a bit upset. In 2010, Bobby Darling underwent breast transplant and she became Pakhi by Pankaj Sharma.

Swapnil Shinde

Celebrity designer Swapnil Shinde has recently undergone a gender change. According to Swapnil Shinde, six years ago, he began to realize that his body might look male-like in shape, but in private he had this body structure as male. Does not seem After this and brainstorming, Swapnil understood that his physical feelings are like those of a woman and his qualities are also feminine. After this, Swapnil Shinde started searching for this hidden woman within her and met the doctors. His quest was complete and he introduced himself to the world. On his social media, he told the story of his complete transformation and also revealed his new name, ‘Saisha’.

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